Masterpiece Investments

Masterpiece Investments, Corp. supports an exclusive selection of exceptional artists, representing the world’s most renowned and coveted Masters, including the remarkable Ghiglieri family, lead by the incomparable Lorenzo Ghiglieri. Ghiglieri Masterpieces can be found in the Vatican and the White House, and have been collected by such luminaries as tenor Luciano Pavarotti and King Juan Carlos of Spain.

Masterpiece Investments has a diverse and balanced foundation of four divisions, which together offer a comprehensive program of fine art investment and distribution. The first of these divisions, the MPI Charitable Division is the avenue through which Masterpiece Investments dedicates a portion of its works toward raising funds for nonprofits across the country in charitable auctions.

The second of these divisions is the MPI Fine Art Gallery Division located in the exclusive Naples, Florida waterfront area. Showcasing an expansive range of works by the world’s most famous Master Sculptors, including Lorenzo Ghiglieri, the MPI Fine Art Gallery attracts the kind of exclusive clientele that makes it the most prestigious entity of its kind in the U.S.

The third division, the MPI Chiurazzi Subsidiary Division is comprised of a collection of sculpture molds preserving some of the most significant works of art in Western Civilization, including those of Michelangelo, Deletano, Bernini, and Cellini.

The fourth division of Masterpiece Investments, Corp. is the MPI Additive Workshop Subsidiary Division. Utilizing cutting-edge CAD work and 3-D modeling technologies, the MPI Additive Workshop is able to reduce or enlarge any type of sculpture or artwork. Masterpiece Investments, Corp. is proud to offer resin casting, bronze casting, mold making, milling, model analysis, and many other services through the Additive Workshop Subsidiary Division. To access further details about the entire range of Masterpiece Investments’ offerings, visit the company website at